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pokemon related
Pokemon Ginjikas (adopt info and discount)hello QwQ// hope you are all doing well!
I'm coming to the end of my Pokémon challenge!

when i'm done I was planning to put all of the designs up for sale!
they will be 20$ (or 2000 :points:) each!
(if you think it should be auction style let me know)
:bulletred::bulletblue: so you will get:
:bulletpink: One color sketched chibi (to be revealed)
:bulletgreen: the full picture of that gijinka 
(almost all of these have been posted, as seen in the journal above valued at between 25-30$ a piece) :star:
tell me what you think, if your interested, and your favorite pokemon!
pokemon drawing Challenge (COMPLETE)so I can keep track and you can fallow along if you want :la:
Favorite Bug Type:Favorite Dark Type: Favorite Dragon Type:Favorite Electric Type: Favorite Fairy Type:Favorite Fighting Type:Favorite Fire Type: Favorite Flying Type: Favorite Ghost Type: Favorite Grass Type: Favorite Ground Type: Sandslash by TakkuNoToriFavorite Ice Type: Walrein by TakkuNoToriFavorite Normal Type: Eevee by TakkuNoToriFavorite Poison Type: scolipede by TakkuNoToriFavorite Psychic Type: Metagross by TakkuNoToriFavorite Rock Type: Kabutops by TakkuNoToriFavorite Steel Type: Jirachi by TakkuNoToriFavorite Water Type: Lapras by TakkuNoTori
All-Time Favourite Pokémon: Oddish by TakkuNoTori
(order determined by:

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Commissions and Customs (open) Q~Q
college is around the corner, and I need to save up
 Bullet; Green  comment below or note me what you would like to order in this format:
Title: commission(if noted)
name of character:
things to note:
payment method:
I will note you my email if you chose paypal UwU
What I won't do:
R18 things
 risqué scenes
complicated mecha
Muscular man
Elderly people
Heavy people (i think i can manage some curves though)
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink
:bulletpink: Sleepy Chibis:
$10 USD // 1000 points: per character
(mutiple characters in the same picture are possible )


Extinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNinja Llama Club by easydisplayname
people you should totally look at if you have the time because their art is dlhfkdhasfkl FANTASTIC *0*~.
the ones who were kind enough to become my friends
QwQ <-- so not worthy
their art is beyond amazing! >w< please watch them! (they were in the list below but were moved hear to be idolized just a little bit more. ^^ )
other people that blows me away!
QwQ they are so spectaular and super ellusive i am automatically jealous of you if you get a comment from them!
my online buddies
people i know in real life:
i do not have a facebook or a twitter account. skype is super scattered.

To do list ^^

:bulletred: commissions:

custom for :iconaspintacular: (needs final coloring ) (payment pending )
:bulletorange: gift:

:bulletgreen: art trades:

One in future with :iconyamio: and :iconpakkuma:

:bulletblue: contest prizes:

:bulletpurple: contest entry's for:

:bulletpink: group entrys:

:bulletblack: other:

switcheroo meme with :icononisuu: and :iconfancy-finch: (Zelda) vaati

switcheroo meme with :iconchardove: (find partner) (pokemon)



pokemon dream team

Umi the Eevee by Chardove

Summer 10_11 Leafeon by PiNkOpHiLiCToge's Kisses by PiNkOpHiLiC Miss Magic by PiNkOpHiLiC Summer 10_53 Absolut Darkness by PiNkOpHiLiC Summer 10_10 Raichu by PiNkOpHiLiC Tyranitar by PiNkOpHiLiC

>w< between all of them and their moves they cover every type in the games, and i IV EV breed/ train too of course

stickers made by :iconpinkophilic:




:iconfluffycloudbunny: :iconririmei: :iconart-2: :iconanastaswag: :iconomidog06:


where in life are you?
15 deviants said college / univesity
11 deviants said high school
5 deviants said other
3 deviants said post schooling
1 deviant said middle school
No deviants said elementry school
No deviants said higher education
College keeps me busy
ill be back to art in the winter brake...
Multiverses by TakkuNoTori
I was supposed to upload this in

any way this is a collab I did with my wonderful friend :icons-m-batty: (go look at her things~)
it was supposed to be like if Shego was done in a more anime style.
interesting concept
hope you like it ^^

happning and thinking

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:39 PM

college ....^^;
i'm sorry I haven't been around or uploading anything, i'm so out of the loop. it feels like such a long time sense I've logged on.

but school is keeping me so busy and ( I left my tablet at home...).
I've barely managed to sketch anything

people don't really understand or acknowledge the manga drawings that I make so I've kept it more under wraps then normal.
however, ive gotten to think a lot about art and what im doing since ive gotten to college
and I noticed something about my art that I hadent really before.
my art is lacking in some areas. and I don't really know what it is that makes it so.

my art looks different, it doesn't breath, it doesn't exude movement or evoke any feelings.
and I feel that they don't stand on their own unless others see the context behind them.
perhaps this is what makes art great, this which my art lacks.

it might be because i'm set in my ways, or that my characters are so close to my heart, that its unbelievable to think others can't see what I see in them.

anyway, ill give it more thought...

hope everyone has been doing well
take care ^^ ill be back when winter comes.

Check out this adopt by my friend SeraphEnigma23 !
1 deviant said Choose your own Gemstone Adoptable Sheet [CLOSED] by SeraphEnigma23
1 deviant said It's her first one in a while and he's really cute OuO//
1 deviant said Thank you all for looking!
No deviants said Also, my pokemon set is till up for adoption!… all chibis come with full finished works as well!


Icon Line Up by TakkuNoTori


I Support Fair Art Trades Stamp by vera-san:icontradesask:

Q: what program do you use?
tools of the trade:
-mechanical pencil
-pentel click
-printer paper
-adobe acrobat
-dell home computer (for text)
-paint tool sai (everything else)
-gimp2 (for transparent backround)

Q: tablet user?
A: yes an intous 4 large

Q: requests?
A: no, never > < sorry

Q: art trades?
A: you're free to ask, but i will only accept if i like your art > <

Q: fav color?
A: some where between a green and electric pink QwQ//

Flag Counter
(started at 31,935 PV )


icons <3

Group Icon by TakkuNoTori

ICON BATCH ||TakkuNoTori by ryanii
Chroma icon commish by HokiMaruRaiko co by HokiMaruChrin icon commish by HokiMaruNori :CO: by HokiMaru

Chrin Tiny (blinky) by TakkuNoToriPause Icon blink by TakkuNoTori

these are icons of my OCs
they are for my personal use only UvU

Commission waiting list

by my home girl Skyler-chan498 <3

no rush, no rush QwQ but I might check up on it from time to time
waiting for:
2 commissions from :iconrikutto: (paid)
AT from :iconpink-kuma: (waiting) (deactivated account)
Pause from AT with :iconyunoha: (waiting)
pause from AT with :iconshiro--usagi: (waiting)
grab bag of raiko from :iconmasolulu: (paid)
pause from :iconprisque: (AT)
Nori icon fron :iconhuni-kun: (paid)
nori from either :iconkutty-sark::iconenijoi: (contest prize)
Chroma and pause pixels from :iconcheeria: (paid)

where in life are you? 

15 deviants said college / univesity
11 deviants said high school
5 deviants said other
3 deviants said post schooling
1 deviant said middle school
No deviants said elementry school
No deviants said higher education


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